Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Installation in Lubbock, TX

Don't Miss Out on What Outdoor Kitchens Can Add to Your Home

Your outdoor kitchen isn’t fully functional without matching kitchen cabinets. Get your patio ready for guests with a little help from the carpenters at Coker Craftsmen. Our pros will install your cabinets to make your outdoor kitchen “dinner party-ready.” Call 432-894-8729 now to speak with a Coker Craftsmen cabinet contractor about your cabinet style preferences.

3 ways to weatherproof your outdoor kitchen cabinets

Installing cabinets outdoors requires additional considerations that might not apply to your indoor cabinets. Here’s how you can make your outdoor kitchen cabinets weather-resistant:
  • Install cabinets made of treated wood or polymer.
  • Refinish your wood cabinets as needed to keep your cabinets weatherproof.
  • Hire professionals to install and weatherproof your cabinets for you.
Don’t wait – contact Coker Craftsmen today to schedule a cabinet installation for your outdoor kitchen in Lubbock, Texas.