Design Unique Outdoor Structures for Your Property

Work with the carpenters at Lubbock, Texas’ Coker Craftsmen

Outdoor furniture and wood features can significantly enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces. If you’d like to lounge in beautiful, weather-proofed furniture, contact Coker Craftsmen. Our carpenters have years of experience designing wood structures and outdoor furniture of all types.

We’ll discuss your needs and budget before drawing up a design. Ask for a service estimate before jumping into the project. Once you’ve approved of the materials for the job and the cost, our carpenters will measure your space and start crafting your new wood pieces by hand!

Schedule an initial consultation with Coker Craftsmen to get started.

Improve your outdoor space with custom wood structures

Improve your outdoor space with custom wood structures

Lubbock, Texas’ Coker Craftsmen can handle woodworking projects of all types. You can count on us to design and build beautiful custom:

  • Pergolas
  • Benches
  • Gazebos
  • Settings for outdoor kitchens
  • Outdoor kitchen tables
  • Outdoor prep tables
  • Chairs, and more
See what we can do for you by calling the Coker Craftsmen at 432-894-8729.